FlipKart Plus

# Get Free FlipKart Plus Membership. Verify with your college ID.
# If you earn 300 SuperCoins in the last 12 months, you can join the Flipkart Plus membership by clicking the Join Now button. No coins will be taken for Plus Membership.
For every Rs. 100 spent on a Flipkart order, Plus members earn 4 SuperCoins, and Non Plus members earn 2 coins. Plus Members earn a maximum of 100 SuperCoins per order and Non Plus members earn a maximum of 50 SuperCoins per order.
# Free & fast delivery
# Early access to sales
# Earn & exchange coins for rewards (Pay with SuperCoins or 2500 SuperCoins = Rs. 5000 FlipKart Gift Voucher)
# Superior customer support
FlipKart: Plus

Note : Product Image is just representation and may not represent the actual product.


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