Eveready Appliances 25% off or more from Rs. 449 – Amazon

Amazon is offering 25% off on Eveready Appliances.
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Good Buys:
# Eveready 1500W Immersion Rod IH402 Rs. 469
# Eveready Chopper CHV101 Rs. 960
# Eveready Super Fab M 1200mm Ceiling Fan Rs. 1227
# Eveready Roti Maker RM1001 Rs. 1419
# Eveready Glowy Mixer Grinder Rs. 1549
# Eveready Carla 1L Instant Water Heater Rs. 1999
# Eveready Dynamo Juicer Mixer Grinder Rs. 2046
# Eveready Relish 18 Oven Toaster Grill Rs. 3890
# Eveready 15L Water Heater SWHDomi15V Rs. 4999
# Eveready Slow Juicer LIIS Rs. 7458

Note : Product Image is just representation and may not represent the actual product.

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