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# Cello Florence Coffee Mug 375ml Rs. 104
# Cello Infuse Water Bottle 800ml Rs. 150
# Cello Kitchen Mate Basket 23L Rs. 225
# Cello Swiss Vacuum Flask 1L Rs. 227
# Cello Cool Sipper Water Bottle 2L Rs. 239
# Cello Sizzler Casserole 1.5L Rs. 252
# Cello Rugby Flip Bottle 1L Set of 4 Rs. 261
# Cello Thermostar Insulated 3 Container Lunch Carrier Rs. 409
# Cello Endura Tuff Seat Stool Rs. 456
# Cello Checkers PET Canister Set of 18 Rs. 665
# Cello Blossom Bath Set of 5 Rs. 717
# Cello Monarch Orange Lily Opalware Dinner Set of 19 Rs. 1505

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